Film production

In 2016 we completed our first feature film Detour on the Path to Perfect Illusion (2016)

We are in developing of our second feature film Cocoa and Strawberries.

Independent film

Independent film production.

Robert Filo - director, writer
Detour on the path to perfect illusion (2016) - director and writer, first feature film
Directing course, Ireland, Filmbase (2009)
One Day in Colony (2006) - kratky film
One Day in Dublin (2005) - kratky film

Marian Nigut - composer
Zeleznicne rozpravky (2011) - music for audio fairytales
Kinitium (2008) - ambient and new wave style music

We are looking for actors to work together on upcoming films. We welcome anyone who would like to participate in the filming.



Wide Road Films

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Wide Road Films